USB Duplicator Review - Mini USB Pro

When it comes to copying the USB, there are many ways. Generally, people usually use a software-based solution, dd command or just copy-and-paste on the computer to copy a USB, cause they’re a low-budget solution and available easily. But what if you have large amounts of USB needed to be copied and you need to finish it within a short time or you just want to do it more efficiently.

While striving for efficiency and quality is nowaday’s guidelines, investing a USB duplicator may be the best choice for you. With USB duplicator, copy multiple USB within a minutes become much easier and takes less time.

EZ Dupe recently releases the new generation of standalone USB duplicator — Mini USB Pro, featuring high-speed data transfer by USB2.0. Miniature design reduces most of the capacity.

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Design and Appearance

Unlike the old module of USB duplicator which is big and heavy, Mini USB Pro shrinks 80% size, increasing the flexibility of space layout.

Compare to the previous module 1:3 USB duplicator, this time EZ Dupe increased the ports to help the buyer increase their production. I think it’s quite enough for the small amount of USB duplication and still afford larger demand.

It is equipped with an LCM monitor to follow up on the duplication process and options menu. There are also have LED lights next to the ports to show whether the port is ready, the copy process finished and whether it’s successfully copied.

Multiple Function: compare, erase, format

In addition to the copy mode, Mini USB Pro comes up with multiple functions, including FAT32/exFAT format, quick/full erase and copy/ compare. The compare mode allows you to ensure the copied USB is the same as the source USB.

The duplicator also functions as a drive eraser with the ability to wiping nine USB drive simultaneously, which is for people want to reuse their drive, wiping the data securely to keep the data from being recovered by the recovery software.
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Performance/ Review

In practice, we put about 500M data in the source USB, it takes about 2 minutes to finish nine USB while it finishes just one USB on the computer. I think the reason that the transfers peed can not reach the speed they claim is because of the USB itself. The test result of the USBs from CrystalDiskMark shows that the read speed is about 11~12MB/s on average and the write speed is about 3MB/s on average, which is approximately equal to the duplicator’s result.

On average, the duplicator can reach about 80 percent of the top speed they claimed, but if the USB’s read/write speed is not fast enough, the whole process will be limited because of it.

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The most annoying thing while transferring and copying data is that the copy process will occupy the CPU and you need to wait until it finished to continue the next copy. It takes your patient and concentration to copy one by one. Mini USB Pro helps you solve these problems. The duplicator is completely independent which means when the duplicator is in the copy process, you can do your own business, you don’t have to worried about your computer gets slow because of it, or copy speed drops down while the targets increased.
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Copy multiple USBs — computer, usb hub, duplicator?

It seems a good choice for IT administrators who might want to create multiple copies of software upgrades on USB, for marketers to make marketing materials, or for game companies to make copies of sd card through the adapter/reader. Learn more about Mini USB Pro →