Repairs and Returns

RMA process RMA process RMA process

Maintenance Service: Regulations & Fees

Under Warranty
Out of Warranty
Basic Inspection Fee
Basic Testing Fee
USD $10
Service Fee
Per Quote Based on Item Condition
Material Fee
Per Quote Based on Item Condition
Customer & EZ Dupe each pay for one-way shipping
Customer pays
  1. The warranty time starts counting from invoice date, unless otherwise noted.
  2. Customer-induced damage during the warranty period is not covered by the warranty and is only eligible for out-of-warranty services.
  3. Any compatibility issues or damages caused by failure to operate the machine according to the manual’s instructions cannot be covered by warranty.
  4. If the product is returned for repairs within the warranty period, but cannot be repaired because of uncontrollable events (such as parts discontinuation), the full purchase cost of the product will be refunded.

Return Process


Contact customer service to initiate return process

Please contact customer service to obtain a RMA number. Be sure to provide the customer service with the product’s model number, serial number, and defect information.

Obtain the RMA number

Customer service will issue and email you the RMA number. Please ship the item within 15 days after receiving the RMA number. RMA will expire and become invalid after 15 days, so be sure to ship within that time frame.

Check the product contents

Please check and include the original contents of the product in the shipment (machine, cables, accessories, instruction CD, proof of purchase/invoice)

Pack the items and ship it to the return merchandise warehouse.

Please mark the RMA number clearly on the shipping label and box.

Return & Exchange Review

After the repair center receives the package, the RMA team will review the items and the package to confirm if the product’s conditions meet the return or exchange policy.

Return & Refund Processing

The total process may take 3-4 weeks.
The customer is subject to return remittance fees, as well as a restocking charge of 20% of the purchase price.

Return & Refurbishment Policy


DOA (Damage on Arrival)

DOA request should be submitted to EZ Dupe within 7 days of delivery.
Please ship back all original content of the package and a copy of the invoice.
DOA returns will not be accepted after 7 days and will be treated as general RMA return.

General Returns

Request the return within 30 days.
Please ship back all original content of the package and a copy of the invoice.
A refurbishment fee will be charged for any missing content according to refurbishment policy.
※ No credit or exchanges will be approved after 30 days.


  1. No free return or exchange service will be provided for any damaged products returned within 7 days without a DOA return authorization.
  2. “Damage on Arrival” Definition
    1. The main component of the product and/or its contents are missing, damaged, or marked.
    2. Damage caused by misuse, installation errors, or other manmade damages (such as scratches, falls, circuit burns, deformation, interface damage, foreign objects intrusion, moisture, and damaged, removed, or unidentifiable barcodes or warranty labels)
  3. If the product has any of the aforementioned damages, the customer will be charged a refurbishment fee.
    ※ Refurbishment fee amount is determined based on the damage and missing content, and the refurbishment fee amount will be provided to the customer after evaluation.
  4. If the product is determined to be eligible for exchange, the replacement product will shipped out once the customer has remitted payment for the fees.
    If the product is determined eligible for a credit, the fees will be deducted from the refund. Any remittance fee will be paid by the customer.