New Product Announcement -NVMe CyCLONE Series

1st June 2023
NVMe CyCLONE utilizes PCIe technology to achieve high-speed M.2 SSD copying and erasing capabilities, while also offering the functionality of daisy-chain and connecting the external printer. It defines the next-generation professional duplicator.
  1. Supports M.2 NVMe & M.2 SATA & SATA, offering the highest compatibility (SATA only available on Pro models).
  2. Daisy-Chain technology allows simultaneous copying of up to 255 devices.
  3. Smart Power Protection, for complete device plug-and-play safety.
  4. Erase Source Port increases the number of ports available for erasing.
  5. Non-Zero Copy mode significantly improves efficiency.
  6. 3-in-1 copy/erase/test with Intelligent Power Switch function. (Pro models only).

For more information, please visit:NVMe CyCLONENVMe CyCLONE Pro

New Product Announcement - Mini NVMe Plus

5th February 2023
Plug & Copy Operation

The Mini NVMe Plus is specially design to give you an easy and convenient way to operate the unit without the hassle of too many buttons. Supports M.2 NVMe & SATA SSD with Smart Power Protection.
  1. Independent channel. Copy more targets still remain the same speed.
  2. Only copy available data to reduce a plenty of time.
  3. Support NVMe and SATA Protocols with Smart Power Protection.
  4. Support all Operation System.
  5. Intuitive operation. Just press button and go.

For more information, please visit:Mini NVMe Plus

New Product Announcement – Mini USB Plus MK III

1st November 2022
It’s simple and higher productivity.

Mini USB Plus MK III not only keeps the excellent performance of the MK II, but also increases the number of copy ports from 4 to 7. It improves your work efficiency by nearly 2 times, and makes your work more smoothly when copying a large number of USB drives.
  1. Independent channel. Copy more targets still remain the same speed.
  2. Only copy available data to reduce a plenty of time.
  3. Support all Operation System.
  4. Intuitive operation. Insert and go.
  5. Asynchronous operation effectively increases productivity

For more information, please visit:Mini USB Plus MK-III

New Product Announcement – HD CyCLONE II 300-Professional Multifunction Hard Drive Duplicator

24th January 2022
Sustainable innovation:Smaller and Faster.

The HD CyCLONE II comes with not only the functions of the original HD CyCLONE, but also can be daisy chained in a series. The hard drives are plugged vertically, making it more convenient to connect hard drives and reducing the space taken up by the machine.
  1. Vertical plug- making it more convenient to connect hard drives and reducing the space taken up by the machine.
  2. Daisy Chain- It can be daisy chained in a series. Daisy Chain Up to 25 Duplicators.
  3. Copy+commpare- HD CyCLONE II 300 provides compare function so you can compare the copied disk against the source disk to ensure the file on copied disk is completely identical to the original file.
  4. Eight Data Erase Modes- When manufacturers/maintenance and repair shops need to reuse hard drives, this is an ideal function to erase data based on different level of secrecy.It can remove the HPA partition and DCO partition to ensure data security.
  5. Quality Check- There are 6 Testing Criteria and 4 Testing Results test to ensure the quality of target drives.

For more information, please visit:HD CyCLONE II 300

New Product Announcement – Mini USB Plus II

31st December 2021
Efficient Mass Data Copy.

Thanks to users’ feedback from users, our Mini USB Plus II has high compatibility, more than 2TB support capacity, and a 30% speed increase. Whether you want to send public files, backup videos or music, or share teaching materials, you can plug and copy any system format.
  1. Speed up to 2.7GB per minute
  2. Power Bank Compatible
  3. Quick Start
  4. Supports higher capacity flash drives

For more information, please visit:Mini USB Plus MK-II

New Product Announcement – IT Professional’s Best Partner

1st July 2021
The first and exclusive all-in-one tool for IT Engineers working with HD/SSD. Packed with efficient clone and compare functions, the HD Pal Series also performs data image backup and restore, eight different erase methods, hard drive S.M.A.R.T. analysis, source write blocker, and other useful functions. The HD Pal Series is truly an indispensable device for IT professionals.
  1. Image File Backup and Restoration: It’s easy to back up and restore without connecting to PC and complex operation.
  2. Source write blocker: Any commands from a computer will be blocked by HD Pal, ensuring that the hard drive data remains intact.
  3. Professional Copy and Compare: Intelligently analyzes and compares the copied data area to ensure that the data on the target disk and the master disk are exactly the same.
  4. 8 Erase Methods: The appropriate erasing mechanism is used according to the intensity of data confidentiality. It also supports deleting of HPA and DCO to ensure that the data is not leaked.
  5. Work Record Printing: A work record can be printed out and attached to the hard drive to enhance management of corporate assets and hard drive data.
  6. Detailed work records: Effective at tracking production status and providing customer production reports.
  7. S.M.A.R.T. analysis:Determine hard drive's aging state.

For more information, please visit: HD Pal Jr, HD Pal, HD Pal Pro

New Official Website Released – EZ Dupe Duplicators redefined!

5th March 2021
With more than 25 years of sales experience, EZ Dupe redefines the series and functions of duplicators to meet the needs of users, enabling users to find the most suitable duplicators.
    The products are divided into 3 series
  • SOHO-Easily use professional duplicators without complicated settings. Quickly copies storage devices and is suitable for individuals or small companies.
  • Classic-Quickly copies a large number of storage devices. Possesses a number of built-in auxiliary functions and advanced settings and is suitable for system manufacturers or large companies designed to meet different needs.
  • Pro- In addition to the classic functions, the Pro series is equipped with quality inspection and erasure functions to achieve a three-in-one-machine integration, suitable for storage device, production plants, system plants, or large companies.

The specification table is provided on the product page. You can quickly find the product you need according to your requirements, such as speed, function, or number of copies. EZ Dupe upholds the belief of providing customers with the most suitable products, and constantly improves product function design and develops new product technologies. We hope EZ Dupe can be your best partner for work.

New Product Announcement- USB CyCLONE - Specially designed for copying portable external Hard Drive

5th March 2021
USB CyCLONE provides not only excellent functions, but also working in order. Whether it's copying, erasing, or testing hard drives, the USB CyCLONE can meet your needs. Supporting a maximum hard disk capacity of 128TB with a unique hard drive layout design, the USB CyCLONE is the most practical choice for a mobile hard drive duplication.
Learn more

New Product Release- HD CyCLONE - Professional Multifunction Hard Drive Duplicator

5th March 2021
With a high copy speed up to 600MB/s, the HD CyCLONE can complete tasks as quickly as a whirlwind, whether it is copying, erasing, or testing hard drives. With an innovative platform design which enables plugging and unplugging hard drives easily, and a durable, robust core system, it is the best tool for factories and enterprises to increase productivity and efficiency.
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New Product Release- Classic Pantera

5th March 2021
Classic Pantera Seriescan easily help you complete a large number of copies. Each port is independent with copy speed of 35MB/S, enabling you to copy to multiple devices without losing speed. With asynchronous copy allowing different flash drives to start and end copying at different times, intelligent analysis copies only the data area and can greatly improve production efficiency.
Learn more: USB PanteraSD PanteraCF Pantera

New Product Release- HD Pantera/Leopardo - Professional Hard drive duplicator

5th March 2021
HD Pantera/ Leopardo can quickly produce a large number of hard drive copies for you. With independent bandwidth design for each port, it can copy to multiple devices without slowing down. Its intelligent copy plus a compact 2.5”/3.5” 2-in-1 hard drive tray design greatly improves production efficiency. This is the smart choice for easy mass production.
Learn more: HD PanteraHD Leopardo

New Product Announcement – EZ Dupe’s Most User-Friendly Duplicator

22th September 2020
EZ Dupe has released a new generation of touch-operated duplicators, making professional copying extremely easy – no need for complicated procedures or parameter settings! Simply select the function on the screen, and the duplicator will start to process after an analysis to satisfy your needs.
The new SOHO series is designed for personal studios and small offices. The intuitive interface is easy to use and can improve work efficiency. Five different duplicators are currently released to cover commonly used storage devices, such as NVMe, HDD/SSD, USB, and SD cards. In addition to its small footprint design, the SOHO series contains all professional duplicator functions on top of the copy function, such as compare, format, and erase.
  • Professional duplicator with extremely user-friendly interface
  • Professional copy and intelligent analysis; copies only valid data area to improve work efficiency
  • Meticulous comparison to ensure the valid data of the master disk and target disk are exactly the same
  • Smart format; automatically determines the best format according to device capacity
  • Complete erase ensures all confidential information is completely removed
  • No complicated operation or settings needed, no waiting time to turn the duplicator on or off
  • Independent bandwidth design; simultaneously copy to multiple devices without any speed loss
For more information, please visit: NVMe TouchHDmini TouchHDmini Pro TouchUSB TouchSD Touch

New Product Release – Mini USB Pro

26th September 2019 EZ Dupe is proud to announce the release of new Mini USB PRO Duplicator. Copy 9 USB drives at the same time without connecting to a computer. The Mini USB PRO features multiple functions to meet different requirements, including Copy, Compare, Format, and Erase. With its compact design, it’s a great fit even for small or personal offices.

2019 Computex- Building Global Technology Ecosystem

3rd May 2019 Technology professionals from all around the world will gather at the annual COMPUTEX from 5/28 – 6/1 in Taipei. EZ Dupe will be presenting an assortment of new products at the exhibition. From portable hard drive duplicators to portable USB flash drive duplicators, EZ Dupe is sure to have something to meet the market’s demands!
5/28-6/1 We invite you to join us at COMPUTEX to learn more about our advanced duplicating technology!
Booth J1227
Exhibition Date & Time:
2019/05/28~2019/05/31 9:30~17:30
2019/6/1 9:30~16:00
Location: Nangang Exhibition Hall 1, 1st Floor, Storage Products and Database Solutions


23th April 2019 We’re visiting India again!
Because our friends in India were enthusiastic about EZ Dupe’s duplicators at last year’s exhibition, EZ Dupe is excited to return to India with our latest duplicators!
EZ Dupe will be located at Pragati Maidan Hall 11 from 2019/5/16 to 2019/5/18. Whether you have SD, microSD, USB, HDD, or any other data copy format requirements, our professional team will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with information!
Booth NO. 177
Date: 2019/5/16-2019/5/18
Time: 10:00-18:00
Location: Pragati Maidan Hall 11 New Delhi

New Product Release – Mini USB Plus – Simple & Imaginative

1st April 2019 The EZ Dupe 1-to-4 target Mini USB Plus is designed for users who need to copy a small number of flash drives. The zero-button interface design makes the operation simple and intuitive. With its mobile power supply, users can make data copies on-the-go without having to search for a power socket!
With its simple, compact design, the Mini USB Plus is the perfect fit for copying any volume of data, from a few brand product information to a seminar’s worth of information. Start enjoying the simplicity and productivity of the Mini USB Plus today!


19 September 2018 EZ Dupe Inc. cordially invites you to visit our booth No. 428 at Taiwan Expo 2018 in Malaysia. We will be pleased to present our professional Hard Drive/Flash/Disc duplicator. It’s the best choice for manufacturers, companies, courts, professionals to copy/back up data to achieve your work efficiency. This is sure to be a must-have tool you don’t want to miss!
We look forward to seeing you!
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), Hall 4
Date: 2018/10/25-10/27

We are at Booth No. 428


11th May 2018 We will launch EZ Dupe new product “Holmes 221B Forensic” in the expo. Please be invited to visit us at Pragati Maidan Hall 11 Booth No.44 for checking out more data duplicators.
Pragati Maidan Hall 11 Booth No.44

We are at Booth No. 44.

New product releasing - Holmes 221B Forensic Duplicator

05th Jan 2018 Holmes 221B is specially designed Forensic Hard Drive Duplicator for easy and user friendly operation. Holmes works as a hardware Write Blocker when source hard drive is connected to a computer. It can intercept and prevent (or ‘block’) any ever reaching the source hard drive from a computer.
We are excited to release the new product, Holmes 221B Forensic Duplicator.

New Event - 2017 Computex

1st May 2017 Computex Taipei 2017 will be grand opening soon. You will be empowered with the new developed products displayed by EZ Dupe.
Welcome to check it out!
Exhibition Date: 30th MAY to 3th JUN
Exhibition Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1
We are at Lot #J1314.

New product releasing - HDmini Duplicator

21th Apr 2017 New style of HDmini Hard Disk Duplicator is high copy speed up to 300MB/s or 18GB per minute. The copy speed will remain the same even if the number of load is increased. In today’s competitive business environment, higher efficiency allows you to stand out from the others.
We are excited to release the new product, HDmini HDD/ SSD Duplicators.

New Performance Upgrade - SATA II

29th Apr 2016 SATA II makes the copy speed faster and up to 300MB/s, upgrades the work efficiency and enhances the productivity, which is your best choice for mass duplication to save your precious time!
We are excited to release the new product, SATA II Duplicators.

New product releasing - Flex Pro Series SD/ microSD Duplicators

10th July 2015 Flex Pro is a powerful commercial grade duplicator which can copy 23 pcs of SD or microSD cards simultaneously. It has high output capacity but only takes up to 1/10 of a regular duplicator space. Bundled with special user menu, the compact and light weight Flex Pro is ideal for workplaces with space limitation such as a small retail shop or office.
We are excited to release the new product, Flex Pro Series SD/ microSD Duplicators.

New Event - A Date with you

13th May 2015 We are excited Anually Computex Show is coming up on June soon!! Feel free to come and check us out!
We looking forward to meet you at Computex 2015 in Taipei on June 2nd ~ June 6th.
We are at Lot #J0933a.

New product releasing - Mobile Pro Series SD to HDD Back-up Station

17th April 2015 SD-HDD duplicator easily and accurately copies 10 SD cards to a HDD at the same time without a computer or cumbersome software. It is useful to collect the data from different SD cards into one HDD. Unique Source Analysis function analyzes the SD cards content and intelligently copies only the data to speed up the copy time. Fast, reliable, convenient and cost-effective to operate, SD-HDD duplicator helps you to get more done in less time!
We are excited to release the new product, Mobile Pro Series SD to HDD Backup Station.